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Roger-Constant Lemaire Cuvée Trianon

Roger-Constant Lemaire Champagne Cuvée Trianon Brut (40 Chardonnay/60 Pinot Noir): This is rich, toasty and full-bodied, and seems to have a good dose of reserve wine in the blend. On the palate there’s a lovely balance of rich, red-fruit flavours and vibrant acidity. The overall effect is of a fresh, young blend, not heavy at all, but quite serious, finishing on herby, toasty notes.

Notes by Charles Metcalfe

Roger-Constant Lemaire Millésime 2005

2005 Roger-Constant Lemaire Champagne Vintage Premier Cru Brut: (40 year-old Chardonnay from Hautvillers, aged in oak casks): This is already good, but should become even better with more age in bottle. Aromas are dark, rich, lean, and very young, with hints of candy and flowers. In the mouth it’s young, bracing and crisp, with bright acidity. Flavours are mostly of apples and lemons at the moment, but with dark hints of toastiness to come. This is lean and precise, and probably needs at least five years to develop.

Notes by Charles Metcalfe

Roger-Constant Lemaire Rosé de Saignée

Roger-Constant Lemaire Champagne Rosé brut (50 Pinot Noir/50 Pinot Meunier): A fascinating and very different style of rosé champagne. It starts with fresh red berry fruit aromas, which do not prepare you for an utterly dry palate! It’s very individual – a rosé for food, not an aperitif. (To be viable as an aperitif, I’d want some dosage.) Maybe a little too much tannin, but it emphasises the dryness. Flavours are a hint herbaceous, with a whiff of Pinot savoury intensity, and fresh redcurrant & strawberry fruit. It has lovely acid balance and a very clean, fresh finish, with a flash of grassy crispness.

Notes by Charles Metcalfe

Roger-Constant Lemaire Select Réserve

Roger-Constant Lemaire Champagne (100% Pinot Meunier): Fresh, light, appley fruit aromas. The palate has a real explosion of appley fruit, with a hint of raspberry. This is an attractive, light, aperitif style of wine. Young and fresh, but not overly acidic, with hints of malt and red fruit on the finish.

Notes by Charles Metcalfe

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